Water Filters

Water Filter Distribution Trip with First Baptist Benbrook

We continue to drill wells and distribute water filters throughout many rural communities in Bolivia.  It is such a privilege and a joy to see the smiling faces of families when they witness clean water gushing out of the ground for the first time, or when they see how a water filter can change muddy brown water into crystal clear clean drinking water in a matter of seconds. The production of our own AquaSiv water filters is coming along slower than expected, but we are still progressing and hope to launch a Kickstarter fund raising campaign soon.  Our goal is to get the price for a filter down to a level that every family can afford.

We just finished a five-day water filter trip to 14 Guarani villages in the department of Chuquisaca with First Baptist Benbrook, distributing close to 100 water filters and Bibles to schools, health posts, churches and families.  At least half the villages we visited did not have any sort of evangelical presence.  We traveled with two local Guarani pastors, Felix and Placido, who were able to share the gospel and in the people’s own language.  It was a true joy to be able to also help distribute a brand-new translation of the New Testament in the local Guarani dialect.  Below is a photo gallery from our trip.  We will post a video soon!

Agua Yaku and First Baptist Benbrook distributing filters in Chuquisaca

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