Well Drilling

“Village Drill” Test Well a Success

After a few false starts and modifications in the machine shop, Agua Yaku has successfully drilled our first well with our new “village drill.”  Thank you to wholives.org for the plans and to First Baptist Church of Benbrook for the generous donation to get this new drilling rig off the ground.  This is the first drilling rig of this type in South America!  It is a manual rotary rig with a motorized mud pump to help circulate the drilling fluid.  It is a much simpler design than our previous method and should greatly speed up and simplify our drilling program.  We drilled a test well at the Stansberry Children’s home here in Santa Cruz.  We were able to drill a 20 meter well in just a couple of hours!  This well will be used for irrigation in the home’s garden and to water their livestock.

The entire rig fits nicely in a trailer we pull behind our project truck.  We are anxious to get it out in to the communities where it will be such a benefit to the families who so desperately need clean water here in Bolivia.  Let us know soon if you would like to bring a volunteer team down to help us drill wells this year.  Our calendar is filling up!

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