The Day After World Water Day

Okay, so we didn’t get a newsletter out for World Water Day, but we are getting one out the day after, and –surprise—people still need water in Bolivia today, and every day.  Agua Yaku is working hard to provide wells and clean drinking water to as many people in Bolivia as we can.  We have increased the number of Agua Yaku staff, gearing up to have two crews out drilling most weeks.  Please consider setting up a monthly donation to Agua Yaku, say $25, $50, or $100 a month.  Or if you would like to give a onetime gift, consider sponsoring an entire well for $500.

We are currently working in several Guarani Indian villages in the Isosog region of southern Santa Cruz, about a seven hour drive from the city of Santa Cruz.  We just completed fifteen wells in the village of Yapiroa and are now working in Rancho Nuevo.   We start by drilling wells and installing hand pumps near the churches, schools, and health posts.  Then we work with local pastors and community authorities to determine the best places to locate wells in neighborhoods where water is least accessible.  When we leave a community we want to insure all residents have easy and quick access to clean drinking water.   For 2011 we are also starting a health training program, teaching people how to insure they have safe drinking water and how to develop good hygiene and sanitation habits.

Please join us in our mission to provide safe clean drinking water to the poor of Bolivia.

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