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Putting a Human Face on the Flooding in Bolivia

On Facebook, Tara Swanepoel shared the following story along with a plea for prayers.  We in Agua Yaku are trying hard to get up to Trinidad and distribute the Sawyer filters, but on Friday the levees broke and the city flooded. We are waiting on the direction of the pastors of First Baptist of Santa Cruz, who we will be traveling with. Hopefully, we will be able to get up there in the next couple of days.

Tara shared:

Also, my wife, Vanessa posted the following on Facebook, “Dear friends please please pray for people who are in the middle of the flood in Bolivia. Today I heard from a friend whose friend passed away yesterday trying to rescue a worker who fell in the water trying save cattle. Danny and a team of pastors have been trying to go but conditions are just bad. Please pray things will improve a little so that these guys can at least get there and be helpful! and come back safe.”

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