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Photo Essay of Recent Flooding in Bolivia

Recap:  Bolivia has received three times the normal amount of rain this year, resulting in extreme flooding in the eastern lowland departments of Santa Cruz, Beni, Cochabamba, and Pando.  60,000 families are homeless, 55 people have drowned, 50,000 head of livestock have perished.  Pictures speak a 1000 words, so below you will find recent media images that put a “human face” on this tragedy.  Affected families are in desperate need of food, clothes, a dry place to sleep, and clean water to drink.  Wells, public water systems, and all formerly clean sources of drinking water have been contaminated by all the stagnant water and dying livestock.

Please join us in helping those affected by this crisis by sponsoring a Sawyer water filter.  A Sawyer filter can filter up to 5oo gallons of water a day, quickly converting stagnant flood waters into clean, bacteria free, drinking water.  $US 80.00 will provide a family with a filter system and clean water for years to come.

Agua Yaku will be driving to Trinidad tomorrow to begin distributing more than 400 water filters.  We are working in partnership with the First Baptist Church of Santa Cruz (a local church with more than 10,000 members).  Church members are filling several large trucks with donated clothes, food, and medicine.  They are also co-sponsoring water filters with Agua Yaku.   Church families are donating approximately $US 15.00 for each filter.  So far they have collected enough money to co-sponsor 407 filters ($US 5,900).  Agua Yaku has pledged to raise the counter-part cost ($US 65.00 per filter) from North American donors.  So far we have collect $US 15,000 from our support base. We still need an additional $US 11,455 to simply cover the cost of distributing the 407 filters we are taking to Trinidad tomorrow.  Even if the flood waters recede next week, the tragedy will not be over for months to come.  As people return to their villages and farms to rebuild they will need clean water to drink.  Our immediate goal is to provide 1000 filters for families affected by this crisis.  To do this we still need to raise an additional $US 59,000.  Please join us in our effort to share clean water and a helping hand in the name of Jesus Christ with these devastated families.

Blessings, Danny Beams

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