Well Drilling

Further afield with the “Village Drill”

We are trying out our new “Village Drill” drilling machine in a number of different communities to see how well it works in different geological formations.  We are still working out the kinks but it appears to be a much more efficient machine and drilling technique than the one we were using previously.  Here is a link to a short promo video that a friend of Agua Yaku, Jessica Janoski, created during the Erskine E-Free Church drilling trip to the community of Ibiato, near Trinidad over the summer: http://vimeo.com/102253901.  This gives you a good idea of the simplicity and efficiency of the new drilling machine.  We are also doing follow-up in the many communities where we distributed Sawyer filters to the flood victims of Eastern Bolivia in the spring, making sure the families are using the filters correctly and that they will be providing clean water for years to come.

Please pray that Agua Yaku can find and train local staff who can energetically drill water wells, distribute water filters, and share their faith in the hundreds of remote communities throughout Bolivia where clean water is so desperately needed.  If any of you feel God is leading you to come to Bolivia to serve with us as an intern, or even full-time, please contact me so we can begin the conversation!

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