Well Drilling

New Drilling Techniques

Last year we built a new well drilling rig, the manually turned “Village Drill.”  While the Village Drill works well for shallow boreholes, it is not heavy duty enough to drill the deeper wells that we need in many places around Bolivia.  This year the Agua Yaku team is developing a trailer mounted motorized mud rotary drilling rig that will be capable of drilling to about 400 feet, can drill through much more difficult substrata, and can drill a wider borehole for livestock and agricultural irrigation.  While we will still be relying on the assistance of community labor, the new rig will allow us to drill faster and deeper with fewer laborers, thus reducing the cost of each well and helping to ensure success.  The rig was built completely from used auto parts and locally fabricated components.  The simple design will ensure easy repairs using locally available parts.  We are currently testing the new rig and cannot wait to bring clean water to communities and families where we were formerly unable to drill.

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