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C. I. Thornburg helps Agua Yaku drill water wells in Pailon, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Hello again from the jungle metropolis of Santa Cruz, Bolivia! We have had a busy spring with teams and volunteers visiting and plenty of activity here in Santa Cruz.  Our family will be staying in Bolivia this summer, hosting several teams that will be focused both on ministry here in the city and in our rural Agua Yaku water projects.

Our latest team came from C. I. Thornburg, a water utilities supply company based in Kentucky and West Virginia.  A group of seven employees came to help us drill two wells in Pailon, a small town just east of Santa Cruz.  You can check out a video of there week of work and fun at:  I included Thornburg team pictures in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

In June, Crossroads, our home church from Kentucky, will be sending a family team to work with Compassion International and with a home for children called Judah Quy, where we will be painting and helping make improvements to the home.  In July, we will be hosting a team from the ABLE ministry that will help us distribute water filters in rural Guarani communities in the department of Tarija, which is south of Santa Cruz.  We will be working jointly with another mission organization that recently finished translating the New Testament into the local Guarani dialect.  We will visit communities where we will share both clean “physical” water and “living water” — the hope of the Gospel message that is promised through Jesus Christ.

We are continuing to develop our own brand of water filter, called “AquaSiv,” which will replace the Sawyer filter that we are currently using.  The manufacturing in China is slower than anticipated, but it is still on course to be released this year.  We recently completed a video, which you can find at: on YouTube.  This video describes our work both drilling water wells and distributing filters and the importance of clean water, and proper hygiene and sanitation for the improvement of health in developing countries such as Bolivia.

Take Care, Danny

April 2017 C.I. Thornburg drilling in Pailon

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