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Flooding in Eastern Bolivia — Agua Yaku Update

We send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to our campaign to provide Sawyer water filters to the thousands of victims of the flooding in eastern Bolivia in 2014. So many of you  have partnered with us in this effort of love, but we are still about $32,000 short of our goal of raising $80,000 and providing filters to 1000 needy families.  The donations have flattened out this last week.  If you haven’t already contributed, please consider doing so this week.  If you donate through Razoo.com, we get an immediate notice of the donation, but if you donate through the EFCA or the EFCCM, please let us know so we can count it in our total.


The rains have slackened a bit and the flood waters are dropping, but hundreds of communities along the rivers are still underwater. We left our colleague, David, alone in Trinidad for the last week.  He spent five days on  a river boat with Samaritan’s Purse and First Baptist Santa Cruz delivering food, medicine and 116 water filters to desperate families in 8 isolated communities.  We have now distributed about 320 filters to families and communities.  David is returning to Santa Cruz today for a little well earned R&R (he said he is covered in mosquito bites).  As the water begins to recede, several airstrips are now usable.  Today, Danny and Paulo are returning to Trinidad with a plan of flying into several remote communities that desperately need clean water.  Keep our ministry and our safety in your prayers.


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