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While it has been cold in North America this winter, it has been wet, wet, wet here in Bolivia.  If you haven’t seen Bolivia in the international news, take a look at this recent article:


By the latest count there are officially 42 people dead, 15 missing, and 12,000 head of livestock drowned.  I’m sure there are many more drowned and/or missing than are being reported.  Over 400,000 people in Bolivia live on the rivers in the eastern part of the country.  The only way these people can get in and out of their villages is on the rivers.  All of the rivers are flooded and unnavigable because of logs and debris in the rivers.  Yesterday, I met with Gil Velasco, a Baptist pastor from Trinidad (a large regional town in the flooded region) and he said the bridges are out between Trinidad and Santa Cruz and now the only way in and out is by plane.  He is carrying 21 of Agua Yaku’s Sawyer water filters with him today to install in the refugee camps.  He said there is no clean water available anywhere and people are getting sick because all the water sources are contaminated by the dying livestock.  It is so much more efficient to provide Sawyer water filters than it is to try and bring in bottled water.  With the filters, people can drink any water at hand (which is in abundance), and not have to worry about buying water, transporting heavy bottles of water, or boiling it.  The Sawyer filter removes 100% of bacteria and other disease-causing pathogens for any water source.  Even after the flooding has receded, the filters will be used for years to provide clean water in these communities.

It is critical that we get as many filters into the flooded areas as quickly as possible.  It is a matter of life and death for many people.  If you, your family, church, organization, or business would like to help Agua Yaku provide filters in this emergency situation, please let us know and then donate online.  For $US 80.00 you can provide the funds for a filter system than can provide up to 500 gallons a day of clean bacteria-free water.  We would love to provide 1000 or more filters in the flooded areas.  This would provide clean water for over 10,000 people.  We need to quickly raise $80,000 to be able to fund this goal.  Even if you cannot donate immediately, if you can let us know how much you can donate and when, we can begin getting these filters out in the communities.


Danny Beams

Agua Yaku, director

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