What would you do if your only source of water was a small dirty stream half a mile from your house, or a mud puddle in your backyard?  Join us today in giving clean water to people less fortunate than ourselves.  Consider setting up a monthly contribution of $10, $25, $50 a month.  For $1500 you can partner with Agua Yaku to drill a water well and install a hand pump.  For $50 you can provide a family with a hollow-fiber membrane water filter and training that will give them clean drinking water for ten years.

U.S. Residents may make tax deductible contributions to Agua Yaku through the EFCA—the Evangelical Free Church of America. A year-end tax receipt will be sent to the address you provide certifying the donations.

You may donate online using a credit card, or set up an automatic monthly contribution by visiting the EFCA website at the link below. Be sure to designate the gift for Daniel and Vanessa Beams, specifying one of following accounts:  Agua Yaku (#001-0083), or Beams Support (#001-0116).

Canadian Residents please use the link below to make donations through the EFCCM website.  You will receive the appropriate year-end tax donation letter. Use the pull-down menu to designate the donation for Daniel and Vanessa Beams, or select "other" and specify: Agua Yaku--acct. #2-5035.  To make your contribution a recurring monthly contribution, please follow the instructions on the donation page and email the home office with your request.

Bolivian residents and other international donors can make deposits or a wire transfer directly to our Bolivian bank account.  Please notify us prior to using this donation method.

  • Bank Address: Calle Junin No. 154, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Account name: AGUA Y YAKU S.R.L.
  • $US account number: 4010810336
  •  Bs. account number: 4010810329
  • Agua Yaku Address: Barrio Alas de Paz Mundial, Calle Getzemani #11, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

If the other donation methods do not work for you and you do not need a donation receipt, you may make a donation with a credit card or via Paypal, using the link below.