Well Drilling

December Update

We have had a busy Fall full of volunteer teams and travel to many rural communities.  In the last month we have hosted two teams.  First Baptist Church of Benbrook, Texas traveled with us to Iguembe, a small village located in the department of Chuquisaca (southwest of Santa Cruz) where we worked with Felix, a local Guarani pastor, to distribute water filters and Clean Water Stations in a half dozen isolated Guarani villages.  It was rough trip, with many long hours riding in (and at times pushing) our project trucks.  The need for, and the interest in, the filters was huge. We look forward to many return trips to the area so we can help pastor Felix reach these communities for Christ.

Last week we hosted our first team from Creekside Calvary Church in Lynden, Washington.  This team of three brave men accompanied us up to the Guarani village of Itayu where attempted to drill a water well.  The springs that they normally rely on for water in Itayu have completely dried up in the past couple of years.  The families who live there now have to collect the scarce rain the falls.  Many families have left the community, so the government has closed the health post and will probably be closing the elementary school.  Honestly, our attempt to drill a water well was a last ditch effort to save the community.  The government did a study and said we could find water at about 330 feet below the surface.  Other drilling companies said they could not get their rigs up into this high mountain valley.  We contracted a tractor to drag our drilling rig up to Itayu.  Sadly, after four attempts at drilling a well we could not get through the hard layers of rock.  We did leave water filters in the community.  Please pray for Alcides, a local pastor and development worker who is trying to plant the seeds of the Gospel in this community.  We will be returning to the area with a Bolivian youth team in mid-January to continue our work distributing water filters and sharing God’s love.

We are still finalizing the production details on the new AquaSiv water filter.  They should be available in the spring of 2017.  Anticipation is building around the world!  We will keep you updated.

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