Well Drilling

Clean Water

It is so exciting to share with you how God is working here in Bolivia.  We are sometimes impatient to begin working on what we think we ought to be doing, but when we wait on the Lord, it is so much more rewarding to work alongside Him in the things that He has been preparing.  Thank you for your faithful support of our work.  It is a powerful feeling to know that you are behind us in prayer.

Danny has again begun drilling water wells—It is such a blessing to watch the expressions on people’s faces when they see clean cold water come straight out of the ground right on their own property.  Having clean water available near one’s home saves hours a day in labor (most people care water in buckets from a river or distant community well), and it helps improve the health and productivity of the family and the farm.  Last week we helped train national students who are studying at a New Tribes missionary school how to drill water wells.  They will use this technology to help bring clean water (and the gospel) to remote areas where they will be working with tribal peoples in the jungles of Bolivia.  Pray for Danny as he makes connections with communities that need clean water and need to hear about the love of Christ.  If you would like to learn more about the water project and see how you can become personally involved, please visit our new blog at: www.simplewatersolutions.blogspot.com.

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