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Clean Water for the Yuqui

On October 2nd – 7th, a group of men (and one woman!) from the Trinity International Church in Santa Cruz joined agua:yaku to dig a well for theĀ Yuqui, an indigenous people group from Eastern Bolivia in the department of Cochabamba. The Yuqui were first contacted by New Tribes missionaries in the 1960s and now live in Bia Recuate, a settlement established by the missionaries on the Chimore River.

Before the well was completed, the Yuqui carried water from the dirty Chimore river back to their community for washing, cooking, and drinking. The team, along with help from several Yuqui men, drilled a 24 meter well beside the missionary home over the course of a few days, providing a cleaner and more sustainable source of water that the Yuqui, as well as the missionaries, can utilize regularly.

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