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Bolivian Flood Waters Receding — Now Comes the Clean Up

The rains seem to be diminishing and the flood waters are finally beginning to recede.  Now comes the time for clean-up.  As you can see in the photo, mud is everywhere.  There is more than a meter of sediment in some houses.  Health officials are seeing a rise in water-borne diseases as many families are returning to their homes but they still do not have any clean water to drink.  Now would be a perfect time for each family to have their own Sawyer water filter.  We still have three days left in our Razoo campaign to raise donations for 1000 Sawyer filters for the flood victims of eastern Bolivia.  We have raised over $55,000 so far, enough to provide almost 700 filters.  Thank you everyone who has contributed so far to campaign.  Please help us meet our goal in our final push on Razoo, but even after the Razoo campaign ends, you can still donate through the regular channels on the EFCCM and the EFCA web sites.



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