Agua Yaku March Update

Now that the worst of the rainy season is over, we are back to drilling wells among the Guarani in the Isosog region and along the rivers in the department of Beni.  We are somewhat hamstrung by the constant breaking down of our old project vehicles.  These rutted muddy dirt roads are incredible rough on our vehicles.  If you feel the call, we could certainly use some larger donations to help offset the costs of replacing two of our three trucks.  In the long run it will be less expensive to run better vehicles, we just don’t have the capital to replace them right now.  We are looking forward to a late spring, summer, and fall filled with volunteer teams, new missionaries, and interns coming down to help us out with the drilling.  We might still be able to squeeze in another team or two, so let us know if your church is interested in putting a trip together.  Also in the fall, we are putting together a two week motorcycle adventure trip through Bolivia to raise funds for Agua Yaku.  Let us know soon if you would like to participate.  Agua Yaku also has a new facebook page!  “Like” us at: http://www.facebook.com/AguaYaku.

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