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Danny has been busy the past couple of weeks building a new mud pump from an old car engine and locally sourced and fabricated parts.  With this new pump Danny and his staff, and visiting teams, can drill deeper water wells (up to about 400 ft).  This will allow Agua Yaku to drill for water in places that have previously been beyond our reach.  As soon as the pump is finished we will be testing it in the valley of Samaipata, where a number of people have been asking us to drill wells for several years now.  We are also continuing to drill wells in the Guarani communities of Isosog.  Many of you who have come on well drilling teams probably remember meeting Pastor Victor from Yapiroa.  Victor has retired from pastoring full time and is now working for Agua Yaku, setting up future drilling projects, helping us drill, and teaching the Bible in communities where we are working.  He has more energy and spirit than any other 72 year old I have met.  In the past he has always traveled on horseback between communities, but last year his horse reared up after seeing a snake on the trail and he split his pelvis.  He had to crawl home for help and he spent about nine months recovering after surgery.  He can no longer ride a horse or a motorcycle, so he is walks great distances between communities, contining to teach the Bible and set up drilling sites for Agua Yaku.

Danny will be traveling to Guangzhou, China for three weeks in March and April to design and begin to manufacture a new water filter.  He is working with two friends from Haiti who have started a new outdoor products company called “Vitchelo.”  With this new filter we hope to bring down the price for in-home water filtration so we can provide clean water to many more people in Bolivia and around the world.  More details and pictures soon! Continue to pray that we can bring clean water and Christ’s message of love and hope to families throughout Bolivia.

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