Agua Yaku drilling water wells in Oruro too!

Agua Yaku continues to expand in scale and scope, drilling lots of water wells throughout Bolivia.  We recently sent a team to drill a well in the department of Oruro, high on the altiplano of Bolivia.  We have now drilled wells in five of the nine departments of Bolivia.  Our primary focus continues to be in the Guarani Indian communities in the Izozog region south of Santa Cruz.  We have had great success there both drilling wells and working to spread the gospel with local pastors and churches.

Soon we will begin a partnership with a sister Christian organization that is doing river ministry in the department of Beni.  More than 400,000 people live on the rivers in eastern Bolivia.  The only way in or out of their rural communities is by river boat.   There are almost no clean water wells in these communities.  Agua Yaku has the perfect, simple and transportable, technology to drill wells and provide access to clean water in these rural communities.   Visit our website (www.aguayaku.org) and download our recently completed manual on how to drill using the Baptist method.  We hope many organizations and communities around the world can use this manual to begin inexpensively drilling their own water wells.

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