Agua Yaku April Update

We have been retooling this month, rebuilding our motorized drilling rig so we can drill more quickly and efficiently in the hard clay soil in the area around Pailon.  We have had to drill up to about 60 meters through extremely hard clay and with our light rig it takes almost two weeks to complete one well.  We hope that with our recent modifications we can reduce the time to drill each well and thus punch a few more holes in the ground.

Regrettably, the funding we thought we would be receiving in 2010 to move forward with our SODIS water disinfection program will not be forthcoming.  This puts our project in a real financial bind because we have been hiring extra staff, training, and purchasing equipment with the expectation of this promised donation.  We would love to continue with our plans to implement SODIS but we will need some new donors to come onboard quickly so we can continue our project.  If you have been thinking about making a donation and would like to encourage us, this would be a great time to do so!  We are also gearing up for a number of well drilling mission trips this summer. There is still time to put one together with your church or other group, or if you don’t have your own group let us know and we can attach you to another group already planned.  Just let us know.

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