Well Drilling

Agua Yaku April Update

We are gearing up for several volunteer teams who will be helping us drill water wells in several Guarani communities in the Isosog area of Santa Cruz.  A Canadian church team will be drilling with us next week, and then a team from Texas will arrive mid-June.  We have already drilled approximately 25 wells in three communities in the Isosog area and have at least that many more lined up in neighboring communities.  We are so thankful to have found a local Baptist pastor, Victor, who speaks Guarani and Spanish and is helping us spread the word about our project and set up the work.  We drilled a well for Victor and his family with a team from Kentucky last fall.  Since then he has become an expert well driller and an indispensable partner to Agua Yaku in this area.  There has been a tremendous response to the Christian films we have been showing in the communities.  We often set up a laptop and projector (powered by a small gasoline generator) in the evenings and project movies on the side of churches or schools.  There is no electricity in these communities, so a movie is quite an attraction with sometimes hundreds of people turning out to watch.  These gatherings are a great evangelistic opportunity to share the gospel.

Agua Yaku is also recently beginning to partner with a fellow missionary in Cochabamba, with whom we will soon begin a well drilling project deep in the jungles of Beni and Cochabamba.  We will be working in villages that would normally require days and days of travel overland and by river boat; however, via a small airplane we can arrive within an hour or so from Cochabamba.  We will try to cut down the size and weight of our drilling equipment and pipes, so they will fit in the airplane.  We hope that this experiment works out, so we can bring fresh clean water to people in places that a big truck drilling rig could never travel.

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