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Agua Yaku and ABLE delivering water filters and Guarani Bibles in Tarija

At the end of July, Agua Yaku teamed up with five volunteers from ABLE (Assisted Better Living Everywhere), a U.S. based service organization, to distribute water filters in Guarani communities along the Pilcomayo river in Tarija.  We worked closely with local pastors and missionaries who intimately know the communities and their needs.  We were able to demonstrate the filters and the Clean Water Stations (tippy tap hand washing stations) in a number of schools and health posts throughout the week.  Although Guarani is the first language of many community residents, local Guarani pastors Felix and Julio made sure our Spanish training was translated into Guarani so that the people in the communities would understand the importance of providing clean filtered water for their families.  Bill Mann, a North American missionary, and his team recently completed  10+ year project to translate the New Testament into the local Guarani dialect.  We were fortunate to be one of the first groups to help distribute these new Bibles to Guarani communities.  We also showed the Jesus film, translated into the local dialect, in several communities in the evenings.

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