Agua Yaku 2010 Year-End Update

The name of our project “Agua Yaku,” means “water” in Spanish and Quechua. Agua Yaku uses simple inexpensive technology to drill water wells for poor families and communities in rural Bolivia. We began this project in 2007 as a way to bring clean water and improved health and income to thousands of Bolivia’s indigenous rural residents. We have drilled close to 200 wells in dozens of communities and worked with nine different people groups. Our drilling technology, a simple sludgepercussion rig, uses locally available tools and materials and community labor to drill deep wells (up to 300 ft) that provide clean, easily accessible water in an efficient cost-effective manner. A typical 200 ft well drilled using a large rotary truck rig would cost $2000 to $5000 in Bolivia. Agua Yaku can drill the same well and install a simple hand pump for total cost of approximately $500. Agua Yaku empowers rural communities, teaching community leaders how to drill their own wells, and how to build and repair pumps using locally available materials. Agua Yaku staff provides technical, logistical, and financial assistance to these community groups. We help create ownership and partnership in the project by asking communities and families to help cover the cost of materials (usually $150 to $250 per well) and to provide the majority of the necessary labor. If a family is so poor that cannot cover even this minimal cost, we drill the well anyway. We generally work through contacts with local pastors and national missionaries. Well drilling projects are a great way to involve local churches in social outreach to the poorest of the poor and help pastors reach people who might not otherwise walk into the doors of the church. We make sure that each family who receives clean fresh water also learns of the “living water”—the love and forgiveness of Christ and the hope of salvation we have through Him.

Thanks to your partnership, Agua Yaku has been growing. Danny and two other North American missionaries, along with a staff of five local employees, float down hidden rivers and travel hundreds of miles down dusty back roads to reach the most remote corners of Bolivia, ensuring that people have abundant clean water to drink. We don’t seem to be running out of places to drill wells or share the gospel. We hope you will consider making a special contribution to Agua Yaku this Christmas, perhaps by sponsoring a well for $500, or making a monthly pledge of $25, $50, $100 or more. Agua Yaku hosts a number of church teams each year who come down for a week or so to help us drill wells and share Christ’s love. If you would like to bring down a volunteer team and really get your hands dirty, let us know and we will get you scheduled on the calendar. Agua Yaku also manages a sister project called “Minka,” which helps fund rural church construction projects in impoverished communities. If building churches is your passion, we invite you to join us in this endeavor as well. Contact us to learn the details about specific requests and needs.

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