About Us


Our Approach

Agua Yaku provides clean water to thousands of  impoverished rural families and communities throughout Bolivia. We provide the tools and  training that will allow them to inexpensively manage and maintain their own clean water sources.  We do this through low-cost appropriate technology solutions, drilling water wells, installing hand pumps, and distributing water filters.  Clean water improves family health and productivity, and ensures a brighter future for our next generation.

Our Story

Agua Yaku is a faith driven clean water ministry of the EFCCM (Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission) in Bolivia, partnering with the Evangelical Free Church of America.  The director of Agua Yaku, Daniel Beams (and Vanessa) are members of Crossroads Church in Lexington, KY, and have been missionaries in Bolivia for fourteen years. Agua Yaku is completely funded by donations from individuals, churches, and businesses. Since 2008 Agua Yaku has drilled over 500 wells, providing a clean, reliable source of water to nine different people groups in hundreds of communities throughout Bolivia. As Christians, we share our faith and message of hope found in Jesus Christ through friendships and partnership with local missionaries and pastors.


Meet the Team

Daniel Beams

Founder and Director

Daniel has been working in missions and community development in Latin America for over 30 years.  He completed a PhD in applied development anthropology at the University of Kentucky in 2001.  Daniel and Vanessa moved to Bolivia in 2004.

Marcos Jimenez

Business Manager and Well Driller

Marcos has been working with Daniel for over 10 years.  He makes sure Agua Yaku operates legally within Bolivian law and directs our water well drilling operations.

David Guzman

Well Driller and Mechanic

David has been with Agua Yaku for three years.  He is an excellent well driller, mechanic, and fabricator.

Pablo Vargas

Water Filter Distribution and Team Host

Pablo, fluent in both Spanish and English, helps host our volunteer teams and coordinates water filter distribution.

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