Emergency Response

Flooding in Bolivia—Donations Update

In the last four days $US 14,900 has been pledged to purchase Sawyer water filters for victims of recent flooding in Bolivia.  This is enough to provide filters for 186 families who have lost their homes and are desperately in need safe clean drinking water.  Our goal it to provide 1000 filters to flood victims.  $US 80.00 will provide a family with a Sawyer filter system that can provide up to 500 gallons of water a day for years to come.  Can you help us reach our goal?

We will be driving to Trinidad tomorrow with a truck load of filters and buckets.  Over 59,000 families have been displaced from their homes and lost their crops because of the flooding.  More than 50,000 head of livestock have drowned.  Because of the flooding, every single water source–wells, streams, community water systems—is contaminated. A Sawyer filter allows families to filter water from any source, even stagnant flood waters, and make it 100% bacteria free and safe to drink.

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